Q. What is fantasy football?
A. Fantasy football is an interactive competition in which users compete against each others as general managers of virtual football teams. In this game, users draft and manage players from the National Football League. Each week, owners are matched against each other and rewarded "fantasy points" based on real life statistics.

There are 14 weeks of regular season play. Weeks 15 and 16 are reserved for league playoffs. After Week 16, champions will be crowned!

For more information go to the fantasy football Wikipedia page.
Q. How do I get started?
A. After opening the app, you can instantly join a public league. When the league is filled, you will be notified and your draft will begin. You can also create a private league and invite friends to compete against you, or you can accept an invitation to a private league that has already been formed.
Q. How does the draft work?
A. Fanium uses a slow live draft format. Users are notified via push notification when it is their turn and are given up to 8 hours to make a selection. The player pool consists of active National Football League players. Once a player is selected, he is removed from the pool of available players. The order in which teams draft is chosen randomly and snakes each round (i.e. if one has the first pick in round 1, they will have the last pick in round 2).
Q. What happens if I miss a pick?
A. If you miss a pick, the app will select the best available player for you according to our season-long point projections. If you miss two consecutive picks, your draft clock will be reduced to 15 minutes per pick to ensure that you are not damaging the experience for other users. Please turn on push notifications so we can alert you when it is your turn to pick. You can also set your team to autopick if need be.
Q. How does a player earn fantasy points?
A. A player earns fantasy points based on their performance in National Football League games each week.

We use the following scoring system:

20 passing yards = 1 point
5 rushing yards = 1 point
5 receiving yards = 1 point
(Pass, Rush, Receiving, Return)
= 7 points
Two Point Conversion = 2 points
Interception = -3 points
Fumble = -3 points
Reception = 1 point
Q. How are the rosters structured?
A. Each starting lineup consists of 2 quarterbacks, 2 running backs, 4 wide receivers, and 2 tight ends. Each roster also has a six man bench. There are no kickers or team defenses in this game. Just roll with it.
Q. Can I trade players?
A. Yes, you can trade players between teams in your league on the "Trades" screen which becomes available when your draft completes. It should be noted that you can only trade one player to another team at a time. Multiplayer trades can be completed, but you have to do them in multiple steps.
Q. A player I want to pick is not in the draft pool. What should I do?
A. If a player you believe should be in the draft pool is not currently listed, please email support@fanium.com.
Q. Which operating systems can be used to play Fanium?
A. To provide the best possible user experience, we have chosen to focus on the iPhone and Android for this season. The game will work on the iPad as well. Users of Blackberry devices, the Windows Phone, or Android devices that run on Gingerbread will not be able to use the app. It is our hope to eventually be able to provide our fantasy games on every mobile platform and will add support for more devices as our audience expands.
Q. How are league names chosen?
A. Leagues are all named after NFL Hall of Famers. For more information on these players, you can check out http://www.profootballhof.com/hof/alphabetical.aspx.
Q. How many leagues can I sign up for?
A. Fanium users can sign up for a maximum of six leagues total: four private leagues and two public leagues. We encourage users to play with friends and take advantage of our intuitive public league system.
Q. Do you have live scoring?
A. Yes - our scores will be updated in real-time. You can also use your team's Twitter feed embedded within the app to get more context surrounding what's happening in your games. We will also send out push notifications at the end of each set of games on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays, informing you when scores have been finalized.
Q. Where do I go if I have questions or problems?
A. If you need any help, feel free to tweet @FaniumFantasyFB or email us at support@fanium.com, and we will try to fix things as quickly as possible. You can also check out the series of videos that we have prepared - they hit on most of the major aspects of the app, and should provide you clarity on most of your issues.